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Captiva is one of the leading secondary marketing company for Overproduction or
Season leftover with more than 200 allied cooperative partners in 35 countries


We utilize outside your distribution channels


Captiva’s Core Competency: The reimport-safe channeling of large amounts.
Your goods gets from us an One-Way-Ticket to America, Africa, China, Far East, Middle East or Russia

Secondary Marketing

We develop individual strategies which help you to generate fluid capital from your unprofitable goods in stock and residual portfolios – from preparation, manipulation and sorting, through storage in our own logistics centres, to safely channelling large quantities of sensitive branded goods into our international network. It does not make any difference to us whether we are dealing with textiles, shoes, household textiles, household goods, toys, electrical appliances, garden tools, DIY supplies, industrial equipment, machines, liquidation or insolvency assets – we will support you in solving each and every problem!


We always think in terms of “safety first”! Protecting the brand and your established distribution channels forms the foundation of our work. We draw upon the strengths of our mutual trust with over 200 partners in Germany and abroad. By working closely with the client and assuming responsibility for the entire process, we are able to eliminate the risk of returned goods and both parties are thus able to profit in the long term.

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